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York Intervention is a York-based group of artists who create specialist beermats to help promote local art and music. At the present time, we have been focusing on making beermats to highlight the artists playing at open mic nights around the York area – however, we are keen to expand our horizons and take on new challenges!
York Intervention attends local events and records and photographs the performers, whilst simultaneously sketching the acts and the environment. The sketches are used to create a selection of beer mats, which are then returned to the venue. The sketches, photos and audio are combined to create this blog that showcases each act.


Each member has specific talents and roles within the group which helps to make York Intervention what it is. These different personalities come through in the sketches themselves as each is so different and captures different aspects of the event.


Natalie Clarke – Her drawings represent the music and the artist as one. Her knowledge of the area and people helps to make each series relevant. Natalie helps keep the process of creating the mats organized through its many stages.


Ema Clipsom – Her drawings capture the movement of the acts as they play their instruments. Ema runs the tech needed for each event, as well as the York Intervention blog here on WordPress. She also does the Photoshop elements for the sketches before they are turned into the finished mats.


Sophie Woolgar – Her drawings showcase the character of the venues attended, the miscellaneous sketches help to place the event to separate them from each other. Sophie runs the Sound Cloud profile York Intervention uses to house the audio. Sophie also edits the audio files before they’re uploaded.

York Intervention is open to taking on commissions – if you would like to discuss a project proposal with the group, you can contact us here: yorkintervention@gmail.com

places we’ve been so far

The Habit

The Melbourne

Fulford Arms


2 comments on “Home

  1. Tom Owen says:

    Hi guys
    A hello from Stems (the band from York Brewery yesterday) thanking you again for the illustrated beermats yesterday! Keep up the good work and hope to see you all again if we’re ever in the area!
    Tom, John and Meg.

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